INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Graphics to Explain Taiwan’s Childbirth Incentives

Deciding to have children doesn’t have to be expensive in Taiwan.

The News Lens
Date: 2019/03/28
By: If Lin

Taiwan has the world’s lowest fertility rate. However, if you and your partner are planning to have children, the government might have your back.

In order to encourage couples to have children, every one of Taiwan’s municipalities has introduced childbirth incentives. This article analyzes the various incentives offered by Taiwan’s counties and cities and points out the details of how these programs differ. It also organizes the details of governmental social insurance schemes that offer a maternity benefit, which are also available to couples who are preparing to have children.

Up until November 2018, the total number of childbirths in Taiwan – population 23.58 million – was only 181,601, with a meager monthly average of about 15,133. This is the second lowest annual total of child births ever documented in the Ministry of the Interior’s records. The worst year was 2010, when there were only 160,684 newborns. However that may have also been related to the fact that it was the Year of the Tiger.

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