INFOGRAPHIC: There are More Foreign Women than Men in Taiwan

Taiwan has more foreign women than men, but this is not equal among the nations.

The News Lens
Date: 2017/06/12
By: Morley J Weston

The foreign community in Taiwan is a diverse bunch, from students to English teachers, from factory workers to engineers, domestic helpers to tech entrepreneurs.

Of the nearly one million non-ROC residents living in Taiwan, there is a distinct gap between men and women; Nearly all of the foreign women living in Taiwan are from Indonesia and China. Eastern Europeans in China have a nearly equal sex ratio, but the rest of the world is mostly dominated by men.

The following maps attempt to show the discrepancy in visual form, but government data always has holes. They are derived from official data of legal residents who have registered with the government; surely there are tens of thousands more foreigners on improper visas slipping through the cracks.

Full data can be found on the National Immigration Agency’s website.    [SOURCE]

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