International Students Taste a More Accessible Tainan

Taiwan News
Date: 2017/08/25
By: Agencies

Excited students bounded down the stairs and poured out of the bus into the dusty parking lot of the Wusheng Night Market just as dusk began to settle. The crowd buzzed in French, Spanish, German, and the only language these international students all shared: English. In the distance, they could see the crisp flags fluttering in the breeze marking stalls where they could find new menus; menus they can read.

With funding provided by the Flomo Education Foundation, Tainan City’s Office of English as the Second Official Language (OEASOL), working with the Bureau of Economic Development’s Market Administration Office and the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology’s (STUST) Department of Applied English have produced bilingual menus for vendors at Wusheng, Flower, and Yongkang District’s Yenhang night markets. After distributing the Chinese/English menus to vendors at Wusheng Night Market, OEASOL invited international students from STUST to experience a more accessible market. “We invited the students to comment on their experiences, hoping that they would provide insight into similar endeavors in the future,” said OEASOL representative Chris Caputo, adding, “we also hope they will share their night market sightseeing experiences with family and friends and help provide international marketing for Tainan.”    [FULL  STORY]

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