INTERVIEW: EPA’s Chan addresses wind farms

LEARNING CURVE:The EPA deputy minister urged the wind-farm industry to focus on learning manufacturing and skills that can be exported as the business expands

Taipei Times
Date: Aug 07, 2017
By: Lin Chia-nan / Staff reporter

Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) Deputy Minister Chan Shun-kuei (詹順

Environmental Protection Agency Deputy Minister Chan Shun-kuei sits for an interview on Thursday in Taipei. Photo: Lin Chia-nan, Taipei Times

貴) addressed the problems involved in offshore wind farming in Taiwan in an interview with the Taipei Times on Thursday.

“Development is not always wrong. Sometimes it is the location that is the problem,” he said, showing that he is not an indiscriminate opponent to economic development even though he often sides with the disadvantaged in land development issues.

Since the beginning of this year, the EPA has received 22 environmental impact assessment (EIA) applications from offshore wind-farm developers.

However, most were required to make up for their insufficient ecological studies.

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