INTERVIEW: Lax water rules leave nation high, dry, at risk

The nation’s worst water shortage in 67 years is mainly due to the central government depending upon ‘Mother Nature’ and not developing water management strategies, National Cheng Kung University professor Hwung Hwung-hweng told ‘Liberty Times’ (the sister newspaper of the ‘Taipei Times) reporter Jennifer Huang in a recent interview, adding that if the government does not fix the situation, severe water shortages could become a recurring nightmare

Taipei Times
Date:  Apr 14, 2015
Translated by Jake Chung

Liberty Times: You once said that the nation would be burdened with chronic water problems, including “floods when it rains, and droughts when it does not.” With the nation facing perhaps its worst water shortage in decades, what are your thoughts as to the reasons? Does Taiwan inherently lack water supplies, or is it failing to retain them?

Hwung Hwung-hweng (黃煌煇): In research by the 2013 World Economic Forum on factors affecting the world economy the most, water resources were listed as the second-highest factor. In this year’s survey, they have become No. 1. The lack and mismanagement of water resources heavily affects the global economy, and Taiwan’s situation is a reflection of this situation.     [FULL  STORY]

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