INTERVIEW: Let’s Get Physical, Actor Derek Kwan on the Art of Masks and Clowning

Derek Kwan takes of his mask.

The News Lens
Date: 2017/01/29
By: James Baron

Derek Kwan (關顯揚) is a clown. Not in the pejorative sense, and certainly not one of

PHOTO: Jean-Jacques Chen

those clowns that have been all over social media recently.

“It’s unfortunate because real clown is about innocence. Essentially it’s your 5-year-old self, which is the best of you. People don’t actually know what a clown show is,” says the Toronto-born actor. “They think [Stephen King’s] ‘It’ but they’ve never actually seen the joy a good clown show can bring. It’s the same with masks.”

Last year, Kwan joined Dr. Red Nose, a professional clown troupe that performs at paediatric cancer wards. The initiative was established by Ma Chao-chi (馬照琪) and based on a similar venture by a French organization named Rire Médecins. Ma is a graduate of Paris’ prestigious Theatre Jacques Lecoq and artistic director of Théâtre de La Sardine, a Taipei-based company that combines street performance, circus and physical theater.    [FULL  STORY]

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