Into Local Taiwanese Temples

‘Good Eye Taipei’s’ recommendations for temples to check out in Taipei.

The Nwews Lens
Date: 2017/07/30

A trip to Taiwan would not be complete without going to a temple and experiencing what most Taiwanese people do routinely. At these temples, you can light incense in prayer, throw “Poe” (wood blocks used for divination) and draw fortune sticks, have one’s frightened spirit retrieved and soothed, and pray for protective amulettes. In a great metropolis like Taipei, temples are one of the few places where one may find peace.

Taiwan religious environment is free and inclusive. For the majority of people, it is difficult to clearly define their religion, which is a blend of Buddhism and Daoism. Furthermore, many Taiwanese also pray to their ancestors. Even presidents and other political and business figures pay homage at prominent temples. During New Year’s, it is a tradition for the president of Taiwan to draw a fortune stick that tells the nation’s fortune in the coming year.    [FULL  STORY]

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