Invasion killer: Taiwan’s new subs can pack a punch

The Taiwan Strait and its treacherous conditions, which favor concealment, give Taiwan's new subs the advantage: expert

Asia Times
Date: December 5, 2020
By: Dave Makichuk

China might have the naval advantage, but in the treacherous Taiwan Strait, the democratic nation’s new submarines would give any invasion force, a run for their money, so to speak. Credit: National Interest.

On paper, as they say, China has a distinct advantage when it comes to naval power.

Over the past decade, it has aggressively built up its navy to over 300 warships and submarines, making it the largest navy in the world.

And, it plans to continue to expand its armada to 450 ships and 110 submarines by 2030, a stark reality which is keeping US Navy officials up at night.

So concerned, is the US, that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Army General Mark Milley, predicted “a lot of bloodletting” in the Pentagon as the military strives to get the Navy the hundreds of new ships it says it needs to confront China, Breaking Defense reported.

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