iPass hoping to raise spending ceiling of its stored-value card

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2015/07/18
By: Wang Shu-fen and Lilian Wu

Kaohsiung, July 18 (CNA) iPass Corp. (一卡通票證公司), a competitor of EasyCard Corp. in

Photo courtesy of iPass Corp.

Photo courtesy of iPass Corp.

Taiwan’s stored-value card market, is hoping to follow EasyCard in trying to raise the daily spending ceiling of its card, the company said Saturday.

Wang Kuo-tsai (王國材), chairman of the Kaohsiung-based iPass Corp., said his company’s card now allows holders a maximum single payment of NT$1,000 (US$32) and accumulated payments of no more than NT$3,000 per day, similar to the existing spending limits for the EasyCard.

But he said the company is trying to encourage card holders to make more small-value purchases with the card and therefore hopes the daily ceiling can be raised.

The iPass card, which still operates in the shadows of the dominant EasyCard, can be used to pay for rides on the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit and other public transportation systems.     [FULL  STORY]

It can also be used to make purchases at Taiwan’s four major convenience chain stores and to pay government service fees and hospital bills.

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