Is mainland China gearing up for an invasion of Taiwan?

Date: 25/09/2020
By: Jan van der Made

Chinese Airforce anti submarine plane. This Yun-8 is modelled on an Antonov model of the form1er Soviet Union. Taiwanese authorities say they faced several incursions by Yun-8 type of planes over the past week © Wikimedia Commons

Increasingly hostile rhetoric from Beijing, and a growing number of incursions by the Chinese air force and navy into Taiwanese territory, point to China’s determination to occupy the self-proclaimed island state. Will the US honour promises to Taipei and come to the rescue if push comes to shove?

Chinese military exercises "are rehearsals for taking over Taiwan,” said the Beijing-controlled Global Times newspaper in an editorial published on 18 September. “What is needed is a political reason that can turn them into a real battle to smash Taiwan independence forces.”

According to Taiwan News, the exercises by the mainland’s People’s Liberation Army involved dozens of transgressions into Taiwanese territory. The online newspaper claims that PLA Airforce Shaanxi Yun-8 anti-submarine propeller planes entered the Taiwanese Air Defence Identification Zone (Adiz), followed by submarines.

Over the following days, dozens of incursions ensued, obliging the Taiwanese air force to scramble jet fighters in response. As a result, Taiwan said China had "threatened regional peace and stability". And Taiwan elevated its air defence alert level.    [FULL  STORY]

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