‘It’s Not Rocket Science’ – Uber Exec Hits Out on Taiwan

Taiwan needs a legislative structure that fosters the new digital economy, according to David Plouffe, a visiting Uber executive and former advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama.

The News Lens
Date: 2016/11/04
By: ZiQing Low

As Taiwan continues to increase fines on ride-sharing service Uber and some lawmakers push to have ljkeeoheqkeqf1usk84adi0c6poz1fits app made unavailable, a top Uber executive has urged the country to “lift [its] head up and see what’s happening elsewhere.”

Uber continues to face difficulties in its operations in Taiwan, amassing fines of up to US$68 million, amid ongoing tax and business legality issues.

Speaking at a forum on how Taiwan’s government could further develop its digital economy hosted by the Sharing Economy Industry Association (SEIA) in Taipei this morning, Uber board member and strategic adviser David Plouffe (pictured above) said that the Uber debate was one that had been settled in most countries, including Brazil, the Philippines and Malaysia.

“We’re not talking about nuclear physics, or Elon Musk trying to put us all on the moon. This is fairly uncomplicated in the scheme of things,” said Plouffe, when asked about what legislation was needed in Taiwan to foster an innovation-friendly environment.    [FULL  STORY]

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