Jaw rejects claim BCC is ‘KMT affiliate’

COMMITTEE HEARING:Jaw Shaw-kong said that just because Hua Hsia Investment Holding Co can appoint some BCC directors does not make the BCC a KMT affiliate

Taipei Times
Date: Dec 17, 2016
By: Sean Lin / Staff reporter

The Broadcasting Corp of China (BCC) has not been under the Chinese Nationalist

Broadcasting Corp of China chairman Jaw Shaw-kong talks to reporters yesterday at the offices of the Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee in Taipei, where he was attending a hearing. Photo: Fang Pin-chao, Taipei Times

Party’s (KMT) control since 2005, so it should not be deemed a KMT affiliate organization, BCC chairman Jaw Shaw-kong (趙少康) yesterday told a hearing held by the Cabinet’s Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee.

Responding to media queries before the hearing, Jaw, who became BCC chairman in 2006, said that calling the BCC a “KMT affiliate” was “framing” him, as the sales of land made after he bought the company had been legal.

According to the committee’s investigation, Jaw, who bought the BCC from KMT-owned Hua Hsia Investment Holding Co — paying NT$1 billion (US$31.3 million at the current exchange rate) for the BCC’s broadcasting facilities, while its real estate, which had an overall value of NT$4.7 billion, was registered as a debt Jaw owed Hua Hsia.    [FULL  STORY]

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