Jets shadow Chinese aircraft carrier

POWER PROJECTION:The ‘Liaoning’ is to be open to the public in Hong Kong to show the ‘military might’ of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy, a Xinhua report said

Taipei Times
Date: Jul 03, 2017
By: Reuters, BEIJING

Taiwanese military jets scrambled to shadow a Chinese aircraft carrier passing through the Taiwan

Chinese navy personnel stand in front of a banner which reads “Hope Hong Kong has an even better tomorrow” in Chinese at a naval base in Hong Kong on Saturday. Photo: Reuters

Strait en route to Hong Kong to mark the 20th anniversary of the former British colony’s return to China.

Chinese President Xi Jinping (習近平) on Saturday swore in Hong Kong’s new leader with a stark warning that Beijing would not tolerate any challenge to its authority in the divided territory, in his strongest speech yet amid concerns over what some perceive as increased meddling by Beijing.

The Soviet-built Liaoning, whose home port is in northern China, on Saturday entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) and was sailing just west of the middle of the Taiwan Strait, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

Taiwan deployed military jets and ships to monitor the fleet’s passage, the ministry said.

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