Jiaming Lake to be reopened on April

After a three-month closure since January, the “Angel’s Tears” reopens for the first time this year in April

Taiwan News
Date: 2017/04/07
By: Rana Yeh, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) –After a three-month environment and wildlife recovery period,

(By Taiwan News)

the Jiaming Lake National Trail was reopened on April 1. The whole path along with the cabins are now accessible for visitors to apply for online.

Jiaming Lake (嘉明湖), located in Haiduan Township (海端鄉), Taitung County, is the second highest lake in Taiwan. It is a renowned alpine lake, which is traditionally referred as “Angel’s Teardrop” due to the deep sapphire color of the lake. Jiaming Lake National Trail is an important habitat for wild animals including Formosan sambar deer and Formosan black bear. The trail runs through both ecological protection areas and restricted mountain areas.

On the way to visit Jiaming Lake, hikers can scale the area’s two well-known peaks: Xiangyang Mountain (向陽山) and Sancha Mountain (三叉山), at the height of 3,603 and 3,496 meters. Both mountains are listed on the 100 Peaks of Taiwan, chosen by a group of prominent Taiwanese hikers from among the peaks known at the time to be over 3,000 meters in height.    [FULL  STORY]

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