Job hunting website reports 0.6% drop in Taiwan wages in 2016

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2017-02-18

A new survey by job hunting website 1111 Job Bank has found that overall wages in

(CNA file photo)

Taiwan fell 0.6% during 2016.

The survey found that despite economic recovery during the second half of the year, the introduction of an amendment to Taiwan’s labor law dampened employers willingness to raise wages. The amendment guarantees employees at least one day off work per week, but the survey found that the amendment has raised costs for some employers.

The sectors most affected by falling wages were financial investment and insurance. The survey found that salaries in these sectors fell 3.06% during 2016. Also notably affected were the construction and real estate sectors and the leisure and tourism sectors.

Despite the overall drop in earnings, workers in some fields did see gains during 2016. Those in shipping, logistics, warehousing, and trade saw salaries grow 2.8%. Other fields showing gains included the legal profession, accounting, consulting, research and development, design, and mass communication.

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