Judicial reform, jury system promoted

FOOT-DRAGGING:Entrenched interests, ‘dinosaur judges’ and distrust of the judiciary are hampering efforts to reform the judicial system, several critics said

Taipei] Times
Date: Jun 05, 2017
By: Jason Pan / Staff reporter

A weekend conference on the nation’s judicial system attended by legal experts and

Friends of Beanstalk Association chairman Chen Shi-meng speaks about judicial reform on Saturday during a conference in Taipei organized by several civic groups, including the Ketagalan Institute. Photo: CNA

representatives of civic groups heard concerns from several participants that the Presidential Office-led judicial reform effort is being derailed by entrenched forces inside the judiciary.

“Taiwanese do not trust the justice system because our nation still has not completed the ‘transitional justice’ process and is just in the starting stages of judicial reform,” Legal Aid Foundation secretary-general Chen Wei-shyang (陳為祥) said.

“In Japan and Germany, there is no crisis of distrust in their justice systems, and their citizens do not suspect court judges of taking bribes,” Chen said.

“However, we have a very serious problem of distrust in Taiwan,” he said.

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