Judicial subcommittee suggests scrapping defamation

Taipei Times
Date: Apr 02, 2017
By: Jason Pan / Staff reporter

The fifth subcommittee meeting of the national conference on judicial reform met at the Judical Yuan in Taipei on Thursday to discuss decriminalizing defamation, drafting a special law to protect whistle-blowers and government corruption.

The subcommittee also discussed economic crimes, minor offenses under the Criminal Code, and deficiencies in judicial procedure.

The members reached a consensus on decriminalizing defamation, which is codified as public insult, slander and aggravated libel under the Criminal Code.

The decision to decriminalize defamation has to do with protecting free speech and free media, said Taiwan National Chiao Tung University law professor Lin Chih-chieh (林志潔), a leading member of the subcommittee.    [FULL  STORY]

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