Kaohsiung Circular Light Rail Transit aims to attract 4M riders

Taiwan’s southern city Kaohsiung’s third rail infrastructure aims to attract four million riders

Taiwan News
Date: 2017/04/23
By: Judy Lin, Taiwan News, Editor

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Taiwan southern city’s Kaohsiung Circular Light Rail Transit (高

The first phase constructions of Koahsiung Circular Light Rail Transit has been completed and been approved for operations by the Ministry of Transportation. (By Central News Agency)

雄環狀輕軌) will become the metropolis third light rail line that will connect all of its different rail networks and significantly boost Metro Rapid Transit (MRT) ridership.

The Kaohsiung Circular Light Rail Transit will become the first “mobile landmark” of the city to connect its MRT, Taiwan Railway, and High Speed Rail system.

One of the aims of the new light rail transit is making the city greener, reduce traffic congestion, cut carbon footprint, and clean up air pollution by changing local citizens’ commuting habits of being highly dependent on personal scooters and cars to embracing rail transport.

Another goal of the new rail infrastructure is to stimulate local tourism and raise The Koahsiung Circular Light Rail Transit ridership to 4 million to generate an annual tourism income of NT$11.3 billion (US$372.2 million).    [FULL  STORY]

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