Kaohsiung wants to build ‘HK Village’

The Standard
Date: 12 Mar 2020

Taiwanese politician and mayor of Kaohsiung Daniel Han Kuo-yu wants to see Hongkongers

Daniel Han

settling in the port city in the island's south.

Among his plans to start achieving that goal once the Covid-19 threat is beaten back is by setting up a "Hong Kong Village" in Kaohsiung (population 2.77 million).

Han talked of his plans at a district meeting yesterday, saying attracting Hongkongers is part of a broader effort to promote Kaohsiung and to see it "grow by leaps and bounds." It is already Taiwan's No 2 metropolis

Incentives to attract Hong Kong immigrants, Han says, include offering bilingual education for children – a program to be offered in 48 city schools.    [FULL  STORY]

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