Kinmen has its own version of wagyu beef

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 23 July, 2019
By: Shirley Lin

A beef festival is about to take place promoting Kinmen beef (Photo by Hi Lai Hotel)

Taiwan has successfully come up with its own version of wagyu beef that’s best known in Japan.

The Kinmen County Livestock Research Institute researched creating cattle feed that uses grass and Kinmen’s own kaoliang liquor. The beef from the Kinmen cattle that were fed the new feed has come out tasting just as juicy as wagyu beef.  The new Kinmen beef also has a lower fat content than other beef.

Kaohsiung’s Hi Lai Hotel is holding a beef festival promoting the tasty Kinmen beef along with beef from Australia, Japan and the US from July 24 to August 31.    [SOURCE]

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