Kinmen welcomes ‘cute’ Wind Lion God mailbox

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2017/07/09
By: Huang Huei-ming and Ko Lin

Taipei, July 9 (CNA) Earlier this week, Taiwan’s outlying Kinmen County welcomed a newly-installed mailbox, made in the shape of a Wind Lion God.

Statues of the local deity, believed to hold special powers that protect local inhabitants from devastating sand storms and monsoon winds, have long been one of the biggest tourist attractions as a symbol of the island.

Found outside a souvenir shop in Shanhou, a folk cultural village in Jinsha Township, the mailbox is part of the post office’s efforts to showcase the distinctive culture of Kinmen.

The wind lion mailbox has attracted a lot of tourists who have flocked there to mail their post cards, said Wang Chien-sheng (王建生), operator of the souvenir shop.

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