KMT candidate thinks China has ruled out option of war

Want China Times
Date: 2015-04-22
By: CNA and Staff Reporter

Hung Hsiu-chu, the deputy leader of Taiwan’s legislature and so far the only

Hung Hsiu-chu speaks at KMT headquarters in Taipei, April 20. (Photo/CNA)

Hung Hsiu-chu speaks at KMT headquarters in Taipei, April 20. (Photo/CNA)

presidential candidate for the ruling Kuomintang, on Monday outlined her cross-strait relations platform focused on signing a peace pact with China, after signing up to take part in the KMT primary.

In an interview with Hong Kong-based China Review News, Hung said that her presidential bid is motivated by her wish to become the “biblical cornerstone” for Taiwan as it continues to build a solid foundation for a road toward peace across the strait.

She said challenging cross-strait issues must be resolved through a more holistic approach and that efforts should not be limited to more easily resolved issues but to also encompass more difficult and sensitive topics. For the past three decades, cross-strait negotiations have been confined to less polarizing economic issues, and the inadequacies of the approach have begun to emerge, Hung said.     [FULL  STORY]

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