KMT councilor courts New Power Party as battle heats up for Taipei council speaker

Formosa News
Date: 2018/12/07

The race is on for speaker of the Taipei City Council, and so far it looks like the KMT is ahead. KMT Councilor Chin Hui-chu is reportedly in talks with small parties as she consolidates support in her bid for speaker of the council. In the coming session of the Taipei City Council, neither of the two major parties will hold a majority, which means that third parties will have an outsize power.

The three NPP members elected to the Taipei City Council have formed a party caucus that will be headed by Lin Ying-meng.

The new caucus floated its demands for the next council session: an impartial speaker and deputy speaker, as well as open-door cross-party negotiations. The caucus said it wouldn’t rule out working with either of the major parties.    [FULL  STORY]

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