KMT hopes to arrange meeting between party chair and Terry Gou

Radio Taiwan Internatinal
Date: 16 August, 2019
By: Leslie Liao

Terry Gou’s aide Amanda Liu

The opposition KMT is hoping to arrange a meeting between party chair Wu Den-yih and business tycoon Terry Gou. That’s the word from Gou’s aide Amanda Liu. Liu says that vice chairman of the KMT Hau Lung-pin met with Gou on Thursday to arrange a possible conference with Wu.

Gou has largely kept out of the public eye after losing the KMT primary to Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu last month. However, there have been rumors that he might reenter the presidential race, perhaps joining forces with Taipei Mayor Ko We-je, and the KMT is hoping to keep the party together.

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