Landslide warning causes delays in high-speed rail

COMPENSATION:An estimated 4,800 passengers are entitled to receiving refunds of 50 percent of train fares after facing delays, the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp said

Taipei Times
Date: Feb 29, 2016
By: Shelley Shan / Staff reporter

About 10,000 high speed-rail passengers faced delays on the second day of the 228 Memorial Day holiday due to an abnormality in the landslide detection system in a section of the railway in Taoyuan, the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp said.
The company said that an alarm went off at 11:31am, forcing it to cancel train No. 1622.
Both the staff monitoring the movement of the slopes along the railway tracks from surveillance cameras and the security guards arriving at the site in which the alarm was sounded did not find anything abnormal at the scene, the company said.
To ensure the passengers’ safety, all trains passing through the section were ordered to slow down, the company said, adding that trains were delayed about 10 to 20 minutes.
The high-speed rail resumed normal operations at 2:07pm after the maintenance crew fixed the erroneous alert, the company said.      [FULL  STORY]

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