Legislator foresees 20,000-troop shortfall

Taipei Times
Date:  Aug 27, 2015
By: Alison Hsiao  /  Staff reporter

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Lin Yu-fang (林郁方) yesterday said that if the Republic of China (ROC) military shifts to an all-volunteer force, there would be a shortfall of 20,000 soldiers by the end of next year, confirming the need to continue conscription for men born before Dec. 31, 1993.

Lin said the current personnel quota is 215,000. Deducting non-established personnel — such as those still in training and students in elementary military schools — leaves the established personnel quota at 196,000.

Considering the ratio of existing personnel to “established” personnel should be 87 percent to 90 percent, Lin said the ROC military force during peacetime should number at least 170,000 to 175,000 personnel.     [FULL  STORY]

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