Lu calls for vote on neutral Taiwan

MILITARY STRENGTH:The former vice president also opposes plans to build an all-volunteer military force and instead called for drafting men and women to serve

Taipei Times
Date: Dec 16, 2016
By: Chen Wei-han / Staff reporter

Amid increased tension between the US and China, former vice president Annette Lu (呂秀蓮)

Former vice president Annette Lu is flanked by media veteran Hector Kang, left, and former National Security Council deputy secretary-general Parris Chang as she speaks at a news conference in Taipei yesterday. Photo: Chen Chih-chu, Taipei Times

yesterday renewed her call for a referendum to declare Taiwan a neutral country, while urging the government to draft both men and women to serve in the military to boost the nation’s defense capabilities.

As the unpredictable policy of US president-elect Donald Trump could upset stability in the Asia-Pacific, Taiwan has to become a permanently neutral country to seek peaceful relations with other nations, Lu told a press conference in Taipei.

The political environment in South Korea and the Philippines — traditional US allies — has also changed dramatically, and Taiwan should declare itself a peaceful and neutral nation to avoid potential regional conflicts, Lu said.

The Legislative Yuan is expected to complete its review of and approve draft amendments to the Referendum Act (公民投票法) to lower the thresholds for launching and approving a plebiscite, making it possible to launch a referendum next year to proclaim Taiwan as a peaceful and neutral country, Lu said.    [FULL  STORY]

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