Luxury car brands fail to meet CO2 emission target

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2016/05/03
By: Yu Hsiao-han and Kay Liu

Taipei, May 3 (CNA) Several luxury car brands, including Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin,

(From the EPA webaite)

(From the EPA webaite)

are among the 17 car vendors that failed to meet the government’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emission target last year, according to the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA).

Among the 36 car vendors in Taiwan that reported the CO2 emissions of the cars they sold in 2015, 19 achieved the official target, which is to reach 65 percent of the CO2 emission standard they are required to meet in 2017, the EPA said.

The 65 percent target was set by the EPA for 2015, the first year of a government program, under which car vendors should ensure that all models they sell will meet CO2 emission standards by 2017, when fines for violators will be introduced under the Air Pollution Control Act.

The emission standard for cars is calculated based on their weight. Each vendor’s target is set according to the number of cars they sell and the CO2 emission levels of their various models.    p[FULL  STORY]

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