Ma: we succeeded in narrowing Taiwan’s wealth disparity

Taiwan News
Date: 2015-10-26
By: Ko Lin, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

President Ma Ying-jeou denied criticisms saying the wealth disparity in Taiwan isn’t as

Ma says wealth disparity narrowed.  Central News Agency

Ma says wealth disparity narrowed. Central News Agency

bad as it appears, reports said Monday.

“There are those that criticize incessantly about our widening wealth gap, but the fact is we have done a lot to narrow the rich-poor divide over the years,” Ma said during an official reception at the presidential office on visiting delegates from the Sino-American Certified Public Accountants Association (SACPAA).

The president said he has helped promote the island’s prosperity, international diplomacy and peaceful resolution across the strait since assuming office seven years ago.

Under his administration, he went on to say that the government has endeavored to bring Taiwan’s economic growth rate to 3.77 percent last year, the highest among the Asian tigers.

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