MAC: ‘One China’ is Republic of China

Taiwan News
By George Liao, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

“To us, the ‘One China’ is the Republic of China,” which is a sovereign state, the Mainland

file photo: Mainland Affairs Council Minister Andrew Hsia

Affairs Council said Tuesday, stressing that the position is the consensus of the majority in Taiwanese society.
The MAC said, “We have never accepted the ‘One China’ principle.”

According to Chinese media reports, Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi called U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Monday, urging him to support the “One China” policy, to which Kerry said the U.S. position on the Taiwan issue had not changed and would not change even though it was against Taiwan independence.

The U.S. has long stuck to its “Taiwan Relations Act” and promised to maintain friendly relations between the two countries, the MAC said.

For the last eight years, the improved cross-strait relations have also deepened the relations and cooperation between the U.S. and Taiwan, the MAC said, adding that the ROC government would continue to maintain peace across the Taiwan Strait and peace in the region.

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