Macaque’s NT$50 ‘payment’ has zoo calling out public

Taiwan News
Date: 2016-06-17
By: Central News Agency

Taipei, June 17 (CNA) Taipei Zoo felt compelled on Friday to urge the public not to throw things to or at animals after a Formosan macaque made a “payment” to a keeper during feeding time.

A macaque recently tossed back a NT$50 (US$1.54) coin to a keeper when it was given food, the first time the keeper had encountered such an experience in his over 30 years caring for the zoo’s animals.

Primates are not the only animals that have food and other objects thrown toward them by visitors, the zoo said, noting that coins, plastic bottles and wood sticks have been found in the alligator enclosure, which were probably thrown at the animals to make them move. These foreign objects can harm the animals, according to the zoo, citing a macaque that once had a bottle cap stuck inside its cheek, where it usually stores food.

To help visitors better understand the animals and promote the concept of conservation, the zoo said its keepers have formed a band that will give pop-up performances.     [SOURCE]

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