Macronix riding on NOR flash shortage

BRIGHT PROSPECTS:The world’s second-biggest NOR flash chipmaker has benefited from its product’s expanding applications, including in Internet of Things devices

Taipei Times
Date: Mar 18, 2017
By: Lisa Wang / Staff reporter

Macronix International Co (旺宏電子), the world’s No. 2 NOR flash memorychip maker, yesterday said clients are queuing for its products amid a supply shortage.

The company has a rosy outlook for the NOR flash market for the next two years as new applications boost demand, Macronix chairman Miin Wu (吳敏求) told a news conference.

“The gap between supply and demand is becoming larger as demand continues to climb,” Wu said.

Robust demand also reflects on quick digestion of inventory, with NT$7 billion (US$229 million) worth of inventory cleared in less than three months, Macronix said.

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