Majority backs pension reform

POPULAR POLICY:A Democratic Progressive Party source said that the survey also showed that Tsai Ing-wen’s approval rating had increased on the back of the refroms

Taipei Times
Date: Jan 27, 2017
By: Sean Lin / Staff reporter

A majority of the public hopes that pension reform can be completed by the end of this

Democratic Progressive Party spokesman Yang Chia-liang yesterday points to a graph during a news conference in Taipei at which the results of a poll conducted by the party about pension reform were released. Photo: CNA

year, with policies put forward by the Pension Reform Committee garnering widespread support from public and private-sector workers younger than 40, the results of a survey released yesterday by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) found.

Overall, 70.4 percent of respondents said that they want pension reform to be accomplished before next year, while 25.9 percent stated the opposite view.

However, when broken down into private-sector workers and public-sector workers, only 44.2 percent of public-sector workers were in favor of the reform, while 55.8 percent were against it, while 72.5 percent of private-sector workers supported reform, as opposed to 25.1 percent against.

Public-sector workers were more supportive of forming a “sustainable pension system that the government can afford that ensures all present and future retirees would receive their pensions,” with 88 percent of them responding positively to the idea, compared with the 86.8 percent registered by private-sector workers, the results showed.    [FULL  STORY]

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