Man finds huge swarm of bees in his jeans

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2015/05/06
By: Chen Chi-feng and Maubo Chang

Kaohsiung, May 6 (CNA) Firefighters in Kaohsiung were called into a man’s 2015050600321home Wednesday to chase off thousands of bees that had clustered in a pair of his jeans on a clothesline in a shed, apparently trying to build a hive.

The man who called the city’s Nanzi District firefighters told them he had hung out his jeans to dry Sunday night and had discovered the swarm of bees Tuesday after the heavy overnight rain. Upon arrival on the scene, firefighters found nearly four thousand bees clinging to the jeans, seemingly trying to build a hive.

The firefighters identified the tiny bees as a non-venomous species and managed to encase the pair of jeans in a huge plastic bag without disturbing the bees.

They then carried the bag to a field and released the bees into the wild, without causing them any harm.     [FULL  STORY]

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