Man is fined £2,650 for breaking Taiwan’s coronavirus restrictions for eight seconds

  • A man has been fined £2,650 in Taiwan for breaking coronavirus restrictions 
  • He had been quarantining when he stepped out of his hotel room for 8 seconds 
  • Hotel staff contacted the Department of Health after reviewing CCTV footage  

Dai0ly Mail Online
Date: 7 December 2020.
By: Sophie Tanno

A man has been fined £2,650 in Taiwan for breaking coronavirus restrictions for eight seconds. 

The man, a migrant worker from the Philippines, had been quarantining in a hotel in Kaohsiung City. 

Under the country's Covid-19 rules, people in quarantine are not allowed to leave their hotel rooms, regardless of the length of time. 

A man has been fined £2,650 in Taiwan for breaking coronavirus restrictions for eight seconds. Stock image above 

The man stepped out of his room into the hallway for eight seconds in an incident which was caught on CCTV.     [FULL  STORY]

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