Man ridiculed for tattoo of food dish name in Chinese

Asia One
Date: NoveMber 03, 2020

The photo shows a man proudly displaying his “pork fried rice” tattoo to the amusement of social media users.

TAIPEI — Tattoos, commonly known as permanent inked art that people get on their bodies, so mistakes in the tattoos could see them getting ridiculed for the rest of their lives — or until the tattoos are removed.

A Caucasian man recently learnt this the hard way as his photo quickly made the rounds on the Internet in an “ink shaming forum” for bearing a tattoo on his left leg which read, “pork fried rice” in Chinese.

The picture was posted on Reddit by another confused foreigner who couldn’t read Chinese characters and asked why the man was shamed online over his tattoo.

Foreigners and Taiwanese alike swiftly gathered in the comment section to question the man’s choice of tattoo and share their own experience of witnessing horrifying Chinese character tattoos.    [FULL  STORY]

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