Max Changmin “shocked” by combo fried chicken + Taiwanese milk tea

In "Form Of Foods", Max Chang Min will have his eyes wide open with the new combination of chicken.

Date: 2019. 11. 30​

The show "Form Of Foods" (working title, general channel JTBC), a blockbuster show about food with a new format, will broadcast its first episode at 11 pm (KST) December 1. In this first episode, fried chicken will appear as a kind of food to help audiences get to know the secrets of Korean cuisine. Thus, the cast of the show will comprehensively "dissect" fried chicken – the representative food of the US, after it was introduced into Korea.

​Max Changmin and Baek Jong Won will together perform the mission of collecting all special kinds of chicken in New York City. During about 8 hours wandering many places in New York to find chicken, both were exposed to the "chicken culture" of Taiwanese cuisine when enjoying chicken with bubble tea.

In particular, Max Changmin surprised and asked again, "Drink this with fried chicken, right?" and could not utter a word with this unbelievable "weird" food combination. Therefore, the audience is curious about whether the male idol can be "enchanted" by this combination of fried chicken and Taiwanese bubble tea.

​Additionally, the audience is expecting the artists to taste many types of chicken dishes from American-style chicken nuggets, South American-style chicken mixed with spices and tortilla, to Korean-style chicken with an appealing salty and sweet flavor as well as looking forward to their interesting conversation at the dining table.​    [FULL  STORY]

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