McDonald’s ‘goddess’ appears in Taiwan

Want China Times
Date: 2015-08-21
By: Staff Reporter

A Taiwanese McDonald’s worker, Hsu Wei-han, has garnered fame and the title

Hsu Wei-han dubbed as the 'McDonald's goddess' by the netizens at a press conference, Aug. 20. (Photo/CNA)

Hsu Wei-han dubbed as the ‘McDonald’s goddess’ by the netizens at a press conference, Aug. 20. (Photo/CNA)

“McDonald’s goddess” for her looks in both Taiwan and overseas after pictures posted of her by RainDog, a Taiwanese blogger, went viral, according to Taiwan’s state-run Central New Agency.

The pictures show her in short skirt and high-heels instead of the regular McDonald’s staff uniform. The pictures have even spurred some Taiwanese men to propose to her. Compliments flooded her Facebook page from all over the world.

People have flocked to the McDonald’s outlet where she works after obsessive searching on the internet.

Hsu has attended different McDonald’s events as a model, as well as her regular counter job. Hsu expressed her appreciation for the compliments on her Facebook page in both English and Mandarin, saying that she will keep working in the restaurant.

The McDonald’s in Taiwan is known for encouraging their young workers to dress up while working. Throughout the Asian region there has been a trend to get female staff members to dress in a cute and doll-like way to attract customers.

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