Meet a Good Dog: This one lived beside a telephone pole

The China Post
Date: March 18, 2017
By: Enru Lin

A ban on euthanasia for strays came into effect in February, a milestone policy that

Hank had a tough time. (Photo supplied)

shelters across Taiwan have been struggling to accommodate. Many public shelters are reducing the number of animals they accept, while private ones don’t have extra capacity to absorb the fast-growing stray population. The China Post has partnered with trusted local rescuers to introduce one animal each week. These are mostly ones that — because of their coloring, age, medical needs or other traits — have been overlooked by would-be adopters.

Hank is a happy-go-lucky mutt with a sprinkle of white fur on his muzzle. Rescuers found him on the street and, believing that he was lost, took him back to the person listed on his microchip, not knowing that his owner had not wanted him. Two months later, the owner called and said she could either give the dog to them or to the public shelter.    [FULL  STORY]

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