MEP: Estonia should raise issue of Taiwan’s inclusion in WHO

Date: April 05, 2020

MEP Urmas Paet said that Estonia should lobby for Taiwan's admittance to the World Health

MEP Urmas Paet (Reform/ALDE) Source: Kairit Leibold/ERR

Organization (WHO).

"Had the World Health Organization (WHO) heeded Taiwan's warnings and shared them with the rest of the world, Europe would have caught onto the new virus earlier," Paet wrote on social media. "Instead, the WHO wanted to please China and ignored Taiwan's warnings. However, the global health crisis is not a place for political games and the WHO should finally understand this," he added.

"As a member of the WHO, Estonia should raise the issue that the WHO must not allow itself to be manipulated by China, and considering the protection of public health, Taiwan should also be admitted to the WHO," Paet said.    [FULL  STORY]

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