Migrant Workers Accuse HTC of Document Forgery, Labor Violations

More than 20 migrant laborers came together to protest what they claim is a cycle of falsified documents and exploitation at HTC’s factories.

The News Lens
Date: 2018/06/04
By: James X. Morris

A group of Filipino migrant workers gathered outside of Taipei 101 in Taipei’s busy Xinyi

Photo Credit: James X. Morris

District on the morning of June 3, 2018 to protest their treatment by employers HTC and Google, demand government protections and urge greater corporate social responsibility from both companies.

At root of their complaints are allegations that HTC tricked and cheated its migrant labor force on multiple occasions and that the government and that labor bureaus are not enforcing laws which could protect migrant workers.

According to a press release from labor rights organization Serve the People Association (SPA) and other groups responsible for organizing the protest, the problems came to a head when HTC sold its “Powered by HTC” division to Google in 2017. In February of this year, HTC gathered workers from the division to announce that the sale would result in layoffs, and that the workers would need to return home.

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