Military aviation bill proposed in place of civil act

Taipei Times
Date: Feb 06, 2017
By: Lo Tien-bin and Jonathan Chin / Staff reporter, with staff writer

The Ministry of National Defense has proposed a military aviation bill to the Executive Yuan.

Since the promulgation of the Civil Aviation Act (民用航空法) on May 30, 1953, the military has relied on it for legal operations regarding its air bases, the ministry said, adding that no tailor-made law exists to govern military aviation.

It was expected that a military aviation act would be enacted by the legislature for military purposes, but governments have failed for 64 years since the promulgation of the act to enact a military version of the law, it said.

The military needs laws to deal with several situations not covered by the act, such as drones that compromise military flight operations and the organization of investigations into military aviation incidents, it added.    [FULL  STORY]

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