Military confirms Penghu joint exercise

‘FAKE REPORTS’:The Ministry of National Defense rejected reports that the ‘Liaoning’ aircraft carrier group conducted special training operations while in the Taiwan Strait

Taipei Times
Date: Jul 05, 2017
By: Lo Tien-pin and Jake Chung / Staff reporter, with staff writer and CNA

The navy and air force conducted a joint exercise in the waters off Penghu overseen by a high-

Chief of General Staff Lee Hsi-ming yesterday inspects naval exercises in waters off Penghu. Photo: courtesy of the Ministry of National Defense

ranking military officer as China’s aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, and its attendant ships sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Saturday, sources said yesterday.

The Liaoning group entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone at 4pm on Saturday and departed it at 9:30pm the next day, the Ministry of National Defense said in a statement yesterday.

The military scrambled jets and naval vessels to closely monitor the Chinese battle group, it said.

The ministry confirmed there was an exercise off Penghu yesterday supervised by Admiral Lee Hsi-ming (李喜明), chief of the general staff.

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