Millions of cubic metres of flood water erupts from Taiwan’s Shihmen Dam in dramatic video

When floodwater from super typhoon Dujuan left a dam perilously close to overflowing, officials decided to pull the plug and this is what happened

Date: 29 Sep 2015
By: Keely Lockhart, video source Storyful Pro/Laputa Hsiao@TAIWAN 台灣

When a dam in the Taiwanese city of Taoyuan was threatening to spill over, officials staged an intervention, releasing a huge amount of water into the creek below.

The water level at the dam was around six feet from the maximum capacity and the video shows an estimated 30 million cubic metres of water being released in just under two minutes.

Water being released from the dam (Photo: Laputa Hsiao@TAIWAN 台灣)

The water release was triggered by a huge amount of floodwater which had entered the reservoir following super typhoon Dujuan, which hit Taiwan on Tuesday.     [FULL  STORY]


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