Minister pledges to protect fishermen’s rights, safety

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2017/03/01
By: Yang Shu-min and Elizabeth Hsu

Taipei, March 1 (CNA) Agriculture Minister Lin Tsung-hsien (林聰賢) said Wednesday

Lin Tsung-hsien (center), photo courtesy of the Council of Agriculture

that he will work to protect the safety and basic rights of Taiwanese fishermen in waters close to Okinotori atoll, which belongs to Japan.

He was responding to local media reports that some fishermen were angry at the advice issued by Taiwan’s Fishery Agency that they should avoid fishing in waters near Okinotori in the West Pacific Ocean.

Lin, who took office on Feb. 8 as agriculture minister, said any fishing disputes between Taiwan and Japan in waters close to Okinotori can only be resolved by “diplomatic means.”

“Protecting the safety and basic fishing rights of all Taiwanese fishermen at sea” has been a policy of the Council of Agriculture, Lin said.    [FULL  STORY]

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