MND fires back at PLA with own video

SONG FIGHT: The ministry’s ‘Freedom Is Not Free’ video includes footage from military exercises held last year, including missile launches and footage of tanks and fighter jets

Taipei Times
Date: Feb 05, 2019
By: Lin Liang-sheng and William Hetherington  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

The Ministry of National Defense yesterday released a video showcasing Taiwan’s

A Hsiung Feng II anti-ship missile launch last year is shown in the Freedom Is Not Free video released by the Ministry of National Defense in Taipei yesterday.
Photo: Screen grab from the Ministry of National Defense’s video

military might in response to a provocative song released by China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Sunday.

The PLA released a video on Sina Weibo that depicts Chinese fighters flying around Taiwan and several sites in the nation, including Taipei 101, while the lyrics of My Fighting Eagle Flies Around Taiwan (我的戰鷹繞著寶島飛) tell of the Chinese people’s desire to “reunite Taiwan with the mainland.”

The ministry’s Freedom Is Not Free (自由並非無代價) video includes footage from military exercises conducted last year, included the firing of Hsiung Feng III and Hsiung Feng II missiles, as well as views of Keelung-class destroyers with Mark 26 missile launchers.

It is intended to show China Taiwan’s resolve to defend its sovereignty and freedoms, and that the nation’s military is standing guard around the clock, the ministry said.

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