MND publicizes key points of military pension reform

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2017/11/14
By: Lu Hsin-hui and Elizabeth Hsu

Taipei, Nov. 14 (CNA) The Ministry of National Defense (MND) made public Tuesday key

CNA file photo

points in its proposed reform of military pensions, including setting a minimum monthly pension payment for retired military personnel of NT$32,160 (US$1,065), the same as for civil servants.

Other key points include calculating monthly pensions based on average monthly salary earned in the last 36 months before retirement. Those who served in the military for at least 20 years before retiring are to be entitled to a monthly pension equal to 50 percent of that baseline wage.

The percentage will be higher for those who served in the military longer than 20 years, the MND said, noting that for personnel at the rank of lieutenant-general or lower, the 50-percent pension payment replacement rate will be increased by 2.5 percent for every extra year of service beyond 20 years.    [FULL  STORY]

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