Modding dates back to the original black CPU

The China Post
Date: May 30, 2017
By: Kuan-lin Liu

TAIPEI, Taiwan — “Modding” may sound too techy to get your head around, but all it

A modder from Team China begins crafting his build as the countdown for the CyberMods 24hrs challenge begins, May 30. (Arsene Lo, The China Post)

really means is to modify hardware to make it look and function in a previously unintended way.

In fact, as the competitors in TAITRA and CyberMedia’s CyberMods 24hrs competition said, modding has been around for ages, especially back in the day when fancy company-made CPUs and gadgets from Thermaltake, Asus and other industry leaders didn’t exist.

Back then, as noted by Ethan Cooper, a competing modder for Team Australia, all he had was a boring old, black CPU on his desk. The desire to customize and modify this CPU and other computer hardware was what led Cooper and his fellow competitors from the other five teams into the world of modding.    [FULL  STORY]

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