Most office workers in Taiwan lack sufficient sleep: poll

Focus Taiw2an
Date: 2017/04/30
By: Yang Su-min and Evelyn Kao

Taipei, April 30 (CNA) Office workers in Taiwan sleep 6.4 hours a day on average

(CNA file photo)

during the work week and 86 percent of them feel sleep-deprived, according to a poll released Sunday ahead of International Workers’ Day.

Only 11.7 percent of office workers in the country get the recommended eight hours sleep per day, the poll by the online job bank yes123 showed.

Among the 86 percent who do not get enough sleep, 79.7 percent make up for it when they have time off, 59.3 percent catch up on sleep on weekends and holidays, 50.8 percent take naps during their lunch breaks, and 30.5 percent sleep while commuting to and from work, according to the poll.

On average, office workers get 6.4 hours of sleep on work days and 63.6 percent of them generally do not get enough rest, the poll found.

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