Most restaurants near harbors fail sanitation check

CHOOSE YOUR POISON: Inspectors found cockroach infestations, fish laden with bacteria, food placed on the floor and ingredients that expired four years ago

Taipei Times
Date: Dec 17, 2020
By: Lo Chi and Kayleigh Madjar / Staff reporter, with staff writer

Consumer Protection Committee ombudsman Wang Te-ming speaks at a news conference in Taipei on Tuesday.
Photo: CNA

An inspection of 25 restaurants near popular fishing harbors found that 80 percent did not meet sanitation standards, the Consumer Protection Committee announced on Tuesday.

Inspectors in October visited the restaurants near five major fishing ports: Jhuwei (竹圍漁港) in Taoyuan, Wuci (梧棲漁港) in Taichung, Cijin (旗津漁港) in Kaohsiung, Bisha (碧砂漁港) in Keelung and Wushih (烏石漁港) in Yilan County, it said.

The inspection consisted of six categories, including sanitation, fire and epidemic prevention, and laboratory testing of raw fish sold by 18 of the shops, the committee added.

Only one restaurant — San Wei Chen Squid Noodles (三味珍小卷米粉) near the Port of Kaohsiung — passed every item, it said.

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